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VILARDO MARMI: Since 1934 the passion for marble...



The history of Flli Vilardo s.n.c develpos throught years that go from 1954 to our days. It's in that year that born the original company with the name of

"Vilardo Luigi", who, hands on from father to son, the fine art tradition of marble manufacture, and their rought tools at Vilardo Calogero and Luigi Junior, which strengthen the private concern supporting in with gain experiences together at last generation systems for the design and the archievement of one's item...



Inside Furniture:

Fireless, kitchen, bathroom, wall tables, entrance, admittance and other more...


Scultures and Sacred Art:

Tombstones, sarcoophagus, altars, niche funerary, statues, fountaines for places.


Engravings and Inlay Works:

Creek frets, cornices, rose winodws, arcades, portals, under blaconies, railing, inside and outside covering...


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